one thing,,hmm

hmmm,,dah lamer aq mnyepi dr blog nie,,well,,ary nie na share sumthing..td my dad went to the hosp to take sijil kmatian my mom,,then i saw the sjil..my mom dead cause of diz kind of pnyakit..sick that evryone scared of it..actually if u want to know,,my mom doesnt look liked a sick person..but at the end,,bru nmpax yg my mom nie actually was sick..then,,i jadi mcm trtnyer2..my mom look like org yg sihat,,tp ruper nyer organ inside her body was damage..i just like want to know how ruper organ my mom yg damage tu..i want to see it..how damage it was..how come it damage,,sumthing yg buat i ta puas aty and trtnyer2..i want to see that organ yg damage,,how damage it was,,bcause my mom look like org yg sihat,,but at the end she dead bcause her organ cant function anymore...hmmm...i just want to know it..but no one can answer my question..huhhh!!..

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